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Garden Seeds

  I’m thinking about garden seeds. Last year (2021) I set out to grow vegetables that might have been grown in a Hudson Bay Company post garden at the 53rd/54th parallel and above.  The growing season in Edmonton and area is short and intense, around 100 – 120 frost-free days (or less) between May 15 […]

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BC Recipes 1979

BC Recipes, 1979 It’s been forty-two years since one of the first recipe books attempting to define BC cuisine was published. It was titled This…is British Columbia: Recipes Through the Years and was a collaboration between Beautiful British Columbia magazine and the Ministry of Agriculture. You might have bought it for the amazing photographs of […]

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Gellatly Nut Farm

Gellatly Nut Farm If you live in the Okanagan, you are probably familiar with Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park on Okanagan Lake in West Kelowna (Westbank). Fall is an ideal time to visit and you can harvest nuts that fall to the ground when they are ripe[i]. What you may not know is the Gellatly […]

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Hazelnuts  When people who are trying to “eat local” or use various versions of regional diets ask “What to do about nuts?”, the most popular recommendation was hazelnuts up to a few years ago. Commercial Production  Hazelnuts have been farmed in various parts of BC since at least the 1930s[i]. Commercial cultivation in the Pacific […]

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Bunch Grass and Beef

Bunch Grass and Beef By guest blogger Ken Mather, author of several books on pioneer and ranching history, including Trail North, Ranch Tales and the most recent Stagecoach North. Ken has worked in curatorial, management and research positions at Hat Creek Ranch, Historic O’Keefe Ranch and Barkerville.  In the hot dry interior of British Columbia, […]

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Beef for the Colony of British Columbia

Beef for the Colony of British Columbia Governor James Douglas of the Colony of British Columbia had a problem, but it was a good problem. The gold rush to the Lower Fraser River, that had precipitated the creation of the Colony in 1858, had gradually spread up the river through the Fraser Canyon. By 1862, […]

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Chilliwack Corn

Chilliwack Corn Chilliwack corn is ready and this is a fact not to be ignored. It hit the market about a month ago and Chilliwack is now well into “corn season” with street-side corn stands everywhere! The season started late this year due to the weather but is now fully underway. Chilliwack is not a […]

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Growing Rhubarb

Growing rhubarb Rhubarb thrives across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and maybe even the Far North (rhubarb is said to grow wild in Alaska, so why not Yukon?).   It needs a few weeks of cold weather to force its growth (below 4 degrees Celsius) and extra mulching in lengthy cold winters.  Otherwise, mild […]

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