Canada Post has a new stamp to mark  Eid featuring maamoul cookies.

New Canadian stamp mamooul cookies


It relates directly to a  story/poem by Naomi Shibab Nye celebrating the companionship and friendships that develop at Albuquerque Airport Gate-4 when an elderly woman who speaks only Arabic thinks her flight has been cancelled.   Naomi Shibab Nye steps up to interpret  for the woman and in the process, everyone gets maamoul cookies at Gate-4.

Shibab Nye writes in her poem how not a single person turned down the maamoul cookies that the elderly woman offered them.

When I first read the story link in Marian’s Holiday Wishes by Marian Dodds, I was so inspired I went out and bought rose water and semolina.  Thanks to Canada Post and the new stamp, I’m going to try them.

Here are several recipes and some more links. (Thanks so much, Kathryn Baranovsky for your list serve clipping).