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Growing Rhubarb

Growing rhubarb Rhubarb thrives across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and maybe even the Far North (rhubarb is said to grow wild in Alaska, so why not Yukon?).   It needs a few weeks of cold weather to force its growth (below 4 degrees Celsius) and extra mulching in lengthy cold winters.  Otherwise, mild […]

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Misunderstood Rhubarb

Misunderstood Rhubarb.  A vegetable treated like a fruit. Understated.  What do you know about it? Try this quick quiz (T/F). Bright red stalks and green/red stalks are equally ripe. Its leaves are poisonous and its stalks are not. It requires a few weeks of cool temperatures (under 5 C or 40 F) and moderate summers […]

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