We have examined three  BC historical journals for their food history-oriented content and have posting annotated bibliographies for each one.  The compilations are organized by topic and alphabetical by author. We hope that the compilations may be of interest to food history researchers looking for particular topics and also point out gaps and/or areas of potential study in BC food history.

We would also like to include a  recent cookbook collection added to the University of the Fraser Valley. The Newman Western Canadian Cookbook Collection was established in 2015 and is comprised of community and restaurant cookbooks published in, or about, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, B.C., the Yukon and Northwest territories. Details about the collection are available on the UFV research guide: http://libguides.ufv.ca/NewmanCollection

Many thanks to Mary-Anne MacDougall Special Collections and Information Services librarian, for this information.


Okanagan Historical Society Annotated Bibliography

Okanagan History is an annual publication of the Okanagan Historical Society. The annual report has been published every year since 1925. Articles can be accessed online: https://open.library.ubc.ca/collections/ohs

BC Studies Annotated Bibliography

BC Studies: The British Columbia Quarterly was established in 1969. It is dedicated to the exploration of British Columbia’s cultural, economic, and political life; past and present. It is located at the University of British Columbia and is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original scholarly research

BC History Magazine Annotated Bibliography

British Columbia History began in 1923 as the Annual Report and Proceedings of the British Columbia Historical Association (now the British Columbia Historical Federation). From 1937–58 it was published as the British Columbia Historical Quarterly, and then the B.C. History Magazine from 1968–2005. The articles from 1923 to 2007 are available through a link to UBC Library on the BC History website, http://www.bchistory.ca/british-columbiahistory/.