Food history resources  include article and book reviews, useful links and historical cook books and documents that will be added from time to time. We welcome ideas and suggestions for this section.  Please contact bcfoodhistory (at)

Book and article reviews  cover the theoretical aspects of studying recipes as mini-narratives of cultural history. For example, any given “recipe”  could also be considered a metaphor for a particular time period.

Useful links, while prone to break down in time, may be useful for further study.

Historical cook books and documents are the most fun part of resources.  The possibilities abound for gender commentaries; discussions of food availability; the definition of “convenience”; to name only three of many potential topics.

Annotated Bibliographies of British Columbia Journals:  We have examined three  BC history journals for their food history-oriented content and completed annotated bibliographies for each one.  These compilations may be of interest to food history researchers looking for particular topics and also point out gaps and/or areas of potential study in BC food history.

We looked at the journals published by the Okanagan Historical Society, BC Studies and BC History Magazine.