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Garden Seeds

  I’m thinking about garden seeds. Last year (2021) I set out to grow vegetables that might have been grown in a Hudson Bay Company post garden at the 53rd/54th parallel and above.  The growing season in Edmonton and area is short and intense, around 100 – 120 frost-free days (or less) between May 15 […]

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Misunderstood Rhubarb

Misunderstood Rhubarb.  A vegetable treated like a fruit. Understated.  What do you know about it? Try this quick quiz (T/F). Bright red stalks and green/red stalks are equally ripe. Its leaves are poisonous and its stalks are not. It requires a few weeks of cool temperatures (under 5 C or 40 F) and moderate summers […]

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Haida Potatoes

Haida Potatoes After several years of living in a condo, my husband and I moved to a house with a yard on Vancouver Island.  I was delighted to think about having a garden again.  As we dug around the yard we realized that the soil was very poor and would need some work to get […]

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