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Apples and Patriotism

Apples and Patriotism In the previous blog I looked at a couple of small apple recipe booklets – one published in 1914 that was dedicated to the “patriotic housewives of Canada,” and one published a couple of decades later that concluded with the message “Serve apples daily and you serve your country too.” When the […]

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Meat Rationing in World War II

I was going through an old button box the other day when I came across this: Not knowing what it was, I had to do a little research.  It turns out that it is a meat ration token from World War II produced by the Canadian Government. People who lived through the war years in […]

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Virus-Free Potatoes

Virus-Free Potatoes Pemberton potatoes are virus-free. The geographic isolation of the Pemberton Valley, one hour north of Whistler, has made it a world-wide source of virus-free seed potatoes that will protect future generations from potato famines such as the Irish Hunger Famine of the 1840s. The blight that destroyed crops overnight and caused at least […]

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