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TASTE Canada Cookbook Awards- BC Cooks and Authors

BC Cookbooks and Cookbook Authors Making History in TASTE Canada Cookbook Awards TASTE Canada is a national not-for-profit that aims to inspire readers to discover delicious recipes and diverse food stories written from a Canadian perspective.[i]  Each year they host the Canada’s Cookbook Awards: A champion of Canadian cookbook authors. Awards are given in the […]

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Tilly Rolston and Coloured Margarine

 Tilly Rolston and Coloured Margarine I noticed the comment “Mrs. Tilly J. Rolston, “The Champion of Coloured Margarine” on the back of an archived pamphlet describing BC Social Credit election candidates from the early 1950’s and I was immediately intrigued[i].  Who was this woman?  For International Women’s Day, I decided to see what I could […]

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Women and Okanagan-Shuswap Dairies

Women and Okanagan-Shuswap Dairies Laura Rose, author and dairy instructor at Ontario Agricultural College in the early 1900s believed that the operation of dairies should be women’s work.  Marjorie Cohen (1984) reviewed the decline of women’s participation in the dairy industry primarily in Eastern Canada and concluded that: “While women remained in dairying in the […]

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Sushi in British Columbia

When did sushi come to British Columbia? BC’s claim to the California Roll begins with the assertion that Chef Hidekazu Tojo of Vancouver first introduced it to Canadian and international tourists. Because the roll was so popular with tourists from Los Angeles, he named it after their home state. However food historians in California say it […]

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Laura Rose – Canada’s Dairying Queen

Laura Rose Stephen (1866-1963) was Canada’s Dairying Queen. Until big business took over the Canadian dairying industry she had a profound influence on quality and production of dairy products. She was born at Georgetown, Ontario, daughter of Lawrence Rose, a flour mill owner and had at least one sister and five brothers. The famous “Five […]

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Utility Companies and Home Economists

Home Economists were important educational agents in the development of BC utility companies. In these days of the Site C dam and the Kinder Morgan pipeline controversies, it may be hard to believe that BC residents once had to be convinced to use gas and electrical utilities. Vancouver Gas Company was incorporated in 1886 and […]

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Margaret Henderson and the Province Modern Kitchen

Margaret Henderson was one of several BC newspaper food writers who influenced the daily lives of thousands of women. During Henderson’s tenure as Director of the Vancouver Province Modern Kitchen from about 1935 to the late 1950s[i], the home economics division of The Province tested recipes and produced regular cooking columns, seasonal supplements and weekly […]

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Muriel Wilson Colonist Cookbook

Muriel Wilson – Colonist Cookbook Muriel Wilson, food writer for the Victoria Times Colonist and host of CHEK-TV “What’s Cooking” took a pragmatic approach to cooking in her 1963 cookbook, Muriel Wilson’s Colonist Cook Book. “There is no virtue in doing things the hard way…If convenience foods meet your needs, use them “. [i] Wilson […]

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Wok with Stephen Yan

Wok with Stephen Yan – How a Vancouver Restaurateur Made Wokking Accessible to All Stephen Yan, a Vancouver-based chef who moved to Canada from Hong Kong in the 1960s, made wokking accessible to Canadians. He owned two Chinese restaurants in Vancouver and became a CBC television personality. Given his enthusiastic, dynamic personality, it wouldn’t be […]

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