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Retro cooking 1958

I’ve been trying retro cooking from 1958 recently. Silver Star Mountain Resort, 22 km. from Vernon, BC is celebrating 60 years of resort development this year and The British Columbia Women’s Institutes Centennial Cook Book was published in 1958. It included contributions from women throughout the province and provides a picture of how and what […]

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A Case for Retro Recipes

Many of the recipes that I enjoyed in my childhood and youth now fall under the category of “retro recipes”. Recently I was struck by the contradictory and changing relationship that Canadians have with food and cooking. “Easy Does It”, an article by Corey Mintz in the Globe and Mail argues that we tell ourselves […]

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Homemade Recipe Books

Homemade recipe books have a special place in my cookbook collection.  Older ones are handwritten or typed on mimeograph machines or spirit duplicators and put together by hand.  The covers are manila-tag, or  in more sophisticated efforts, wallpaper samples or  oilcloth trimmed with pinking shears.  They have been replaced by photocopied cookbooks and print-on-demand with […]

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Fruit Cake Failures

From fruit cake failures to 50th anniversary replica wedding cakes, the fruit cake is both loved and hated. My late husband considered fruit cake to be “an abomination of the English”. Since I’m of that generation where we half-heartedly tried to please our husbands while refusing to say, “My husband won’t let me…..” , I […]

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Before potatoes there were….parsnips

Before potatoes  there were….parsnips. This homely root vegetable was popular up to the 16th century in Europe when the potato finally made its way across the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Columbian exchange. Parsnips are first cousins to carrots and native to Eurasia where they have been eaten for thousands of years.  Their botanical […]

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Applesauce the Wear-Ever Way

Wear-Ever pots and utensils have played an important role in North American cuisine, and one unexpected way is in the making of applesauce. A few years ago I was visiting a friend and she was making applesauce to preserve for her grandchildren.  “So much work,” she complained, “all that peeling and coring.” I said to her […]

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Aunt Thale’s Lemonade Syrup

Aunt Thale’s Lemonade Syrup is famous in my family. Examining the recipe and procedure, and realizing many people have similar recipes in their families, shows how recipes offer a world of history within their algorithms of procedure. Aunt Thale (1911-2011) was  one of my father’s younger sisters. She had her share of tragedy; her husband […]

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