Newspaper Recipes 1878

In an earlier post I shared a recipe for butter making and how to re-store aged butter.

Butter making was a challenge in early settler days of British Columbia and the inclusion of this recipe in 1860 marked the beginning of newspaper recipes in the Victoria Daily Colonist and in British Columbia newspapers in general. But recipes were not a common feature in the newspaper over the years. One could find news from around the world with a special emphasis on events in Britain, Europe, the United States and Eastern Canada as well as pages full of business advertisements and public announcements. There were some wedding and birth announcements, news of visiting dignitaries, parliamentary and city council activities, and news from other regions of the province. For some reason in 1878, the newspaper again carried more recipes. The source is unknown although they were likely picked up from another newspaper in North America and judged to be of interest to the newspaper’s readers.

The first column ran in the Victoria Daily Colonist July 11 1878. Household Receipts Daily Colonist July 11 1878 July 11


A second post appeared in  the Victoria Daily Colonist, July 24, 1878

Household receipts - July 24, 1878


And, on July 27 1878, the Victoria Daily Colonist carried advice on how to cook salmon.

Victoria Daily Colonist July 11 1878.

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