Women’s Suffrage Cookbooks

Women’s Suffrage Cookbooks – Are There Any BC or Canadian Suffragist Cookbooks? March 8, International Women’s Day is a day to recognize and celebrate women’s and girls’ social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. It is a time to reflect on the movements and organizations who worked so hard to advance women’s rights, for example. the […]

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Decolonizing the  Foods Lab

Decolonizing the  Foods Lab: Is Monkey Bread[1] a Racist Term? Guest Blog by Madeline Wong, Home Economics Teacher, Surrey School District My students were not alone in asking the question, “Why is M***** Bread called M***** Bread?”. With two new Food Studies 12 classes for Semester 2, we were just in time to celebrate Black History […]

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Garden Seeds

  I’m thinking about garden seeds. Last year (2021) I set out to grow vegetables that might have been grown in a Hudson Bay Company post garden at the 53rd/54th parallel and above.  The growing season in Edmonton and area is short and intense, around 100 – 120 frost-free days (or less) between May 15 […]

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Creative Gifts from the Kitchen

Creative Gifts from the Kitchen  The pandemic and supply chain issues have many people seeking out more personalized, thoughtful, homemade gifts.  Creative gifts from the kitchen in the form of recipe and food items, provide ideas for many gifts through food history. Framing Family Recipes Chrissy Smith, a home economics teacher and graduate of the […]

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Quince Do you have any of these in your neighbourhood? At first glance you might think apple? Or pear? Both answers would put you in the right direction because they belong to the same family, Rosaceae Maloideae. But these are quince. The difference lies in Genus: apple trees are Malus and pear trees are Pyrus, […]

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