duke and duchess eat cakeCake for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? The news this week that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to visit Kelowna on September 27, seems like a good reason to continue a look at Royalty recipes. Maybe it will even spark a cake-baking contest.

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Royal Cook Book, commemorating the Royal Tour of 1951 contained a recipe for Prince Philip Cake but not Queen Elizabeth Cake. Prince Philip Cake is a white cake made with buttermilk and flavoured with cinnamon (cassia), chopped raisins and walnuts, topped with butter icing.

royal cook book

A couple of years ago, I searched all my cook books for Royalty recipes and  I found a number of them: Chicken a la King, Baroness Pudding, Queen’s Cake, Ham a la Queen, Royal Icing, Royal Squares, Princess Pie, Princess Cake , Princess Pudding, King Edward Cake, Prince Albert Cake, Prince of Wales Cake, Royal George Cake, Duchess Potatoes, Lady Baltimore Cake, Royal Tartlets, Coronation Cake, and of course Queen Elizabeth Cake.

An online search indicates that the Duke of Cambridge has a favourite “chocolate biscuit cake” that the Palace chefs used to make for him as a child and is now served at Fitzbillies in London. They had two wedding cakes;  a traditional brandy infused fruit cake and a second cake made of chocolate biscuits that was commissioned by the Duchess for her new husband. Hmmmm….what can we imagine for a Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Cake?  Come on all you creative foodies,  maybe it’s time to create a new recipe in honour of their 2016 visit. Should it be chocolate? Biscuit-based?  We await your ideas.